“I just wanted to say I read the Year of the Rat – I started reading it on Wednesday morning on the bus to work and by midnight Weds I’d finished.

I absolutely loved this story! Pearl was a brilliant narrator, she was full of raw emotion and this shone through and even in the bits that were sad there was an underlying feeling of hope. The sensitive issues were dealt with very well and the humour of her mum helped temper down any bits that could have been a bit too sad. With each month that passed she was forced to deal with her new reality and this in turn helped her character develop as she dealt with her flaws.

I enjoyed that it showed how grief affects different people in different ways and that it doesn’t just affect those directly effected, but everyone those people know too.

I can’t wait to get this book in stock, our customers who love realistic fiction such by authors like John Green and Erin Lange will really enjoy this story.”