Q: Why do you write for teenagers?

I write for whoever wants to read my books! Both my books so far have been about teenagers and have been published for both teen and adult readers. I’ve had lovely feedback from readers from 12 to in their seventies about my books! I hope I’ll write for all age groups in the future. I do really enjoy writing about teenagers – I think it’s a time that’s so full of opportunity, when you start to¬†see the world differently and ask big, difficult questions, and work out who you are and how you fit into the world.¬†Everything is intense and new and full of possibility but it’s also a complicated time and that’s why I love writing about it. I think that’s also why so many of us are drawn to coming-of-age stories in film and literature. When people ask me how I find out what teenagers do and think it makes me laugh – we’ve all been teenagers, I just remember how it felt! Some of the practical details have changed (mobile phones make plotting much more difficult!) but the way it feels to be a teenager hasn’t.