Most writers have an agent and my opinion is definitely that a good agent is invaluable. The standard fee for an agent is 15% of UK salesĀ and 20% of foreign sales and some people wonder whether it’s worth handing over your hard-earned cash. All I can say is, if you’re agent is any good at their job, you’ll end up earning more despite the fee. You’re paying for their expertise, their knowledge of the industry and the people in it. Could I have sold my first book without an agent? Well, quite possibly. Would there have been an eight-way auction for my book? Um, no. The person responsible for that was my wonderful agent Catherine Clarke of Felicity Bryan Associates. I’d found her in the Writers and Artists Handbook and seen that she represented several writers I really liked, including Meg Rosoff, Linda Newbery and David Almond. I also knew she represented children’s, YA and adult authors which appealed to me as I’d like to be able to write for all these age groups. I went to see her speak at an event and went to had a chat with her. She was interested in what I was writing and asked me to send it when it was finished. It was a long wait but thankfully she liked it and agreed to represent me.