This is a tough one. Most things about being an author are brilliant – after all you’re being paid to make stuff up. The down sides? Well, it can be pretty solitary at times and when you get stuck you’re the only one that can fix it (although talking it through with other writers or your editor can help). It changes the experience of going into a bookshop – instead of relaxing and browsing you’re gripped by silent paranoia as some variation of the following mantra plays in your head: “Have they got my book in stock? How many copies? Is that good or bad? Is no one buying it? Why isn’t it on a table/face out on a shelf? Why does THAT book have a massive display in prime position right by the till? Why am I not David Walliams?” etc etc. But this is all more than compensated for by all the good bits. Best of all is getting lovely feedback from readers who enjoyed your book. Sounds corny but it’s amazing to know your words have made a difference to someone.